Ukrainian <nobr>avant-garde</nobr>

The Karneval der Kulturen is a joyful statement for an open and intercultural society. 

Kul’tura e.V and Ukrainian designer Grycja Erde have developed the artistic direction and staging based on the works of Ukrainian avant-garde artists. The main idea of the parade is to recover the stolen Ukrainian avant-garde and draw attention to Kazimir Malevich, Sonia Delaunay, Vasyl Yermylov, Oleksandra Ekster and other representatives of the avant-garde movement in Ukraine from 1890-1930.

Their art will be used in the form of posters, costumes, decorations and music to convey the message visually. Audiences can look forward to an emotional and powerful performance that will inspire reflection and further engagement with the issue.

The parade offers space for Berlin’s communities that want to show their cultural roots or want to lead them into a new era. People of all ages and cultural backgrounds from every neighbourhood in Berlin have the opportunity to make their concerns visible to the public. The motives and impulses of the participants are as diverse as our city.